Dear Growers, November 2022 Edition

It’s meter time! If you haven’t gotten your meters in to get them cleaned, inspected and ran on the test stand, now is the time. Spring will be here before we know it, so give me a call at 812-350-2221 to setup a tie to drop off your meters.

Some updates on products and there performance:

Furrow Force: Furrow Force is an automatic controlled closing wheel system. Getting good seed to soil contact and removing air pockets is key to emergence.

Conceal: Conceal is a single or dual sided liquid applicator that is 2.5″ away from the trench and approx. 1″ – 1.5″ under the dirt. we’ve had really good luck with the performance of conceal.

Stack pump: The new stack pump is a hydraulic driven liquid pump already set up with an accumulator and filter system controlled with a Gen 3 monitor from the cab. we have 3 different sizes available depending on the gal/ acre you need.

V – Apply: V-apply is a row by row or section control for liquid that can go up to 60 gal/acre. It also acts as a row shut-off so no more wasting liquid in point row or end rows. I also have V – apply running on tool bars to side dress with as well as planters. In today’s world with the cost of liquid, that savings soon adds up.